Best Universities in Istanbul

All universities have different strengths, which can also be seen in the US, England, Spain, etc all have different unique identities so it’s hard to name one university which is superior to others.  Really it depends on the department/faculty and whether you are interested in undergrad/graduate and what kind of a lifestyle you would like to pursue.

BUT, we can create a league of bests in some sense. 

There’s a university exam in Turkey and top 2000 students generally prefer some schools. 

If you graduate from the following with more than 3.20 and some good references you have a chance to be accepted by top companies in the world like Google or Microsoft.


some preferred for social sciences, while others are preferred for social sciences, engineering. A few others are preferred for their medical schools but it’s hard to name them as top schools in engineering and social sciences. 

Most of the private colleges are great for international students in Turkey

In engineering, there are also some other universities After some point it’s you to make a difference, not your university.

. And in a top ranking university in eastern Europe and worldwide. 

Departmental wise, it is known as the best in Architecture, Tourism and so others. It has a strong Engineering faculty with an international student body from over 105 nationalities across the globe. It is among the fastest growing university across Europe with its standard, student population and ranking increasing every year.

some are more accredited by renowned accreditation bodies and a certified member of many institutional committees, memberships, and research work.

The government universities have the best campuses and students there have a colorful life. But the new private universities have better technical infrastructures, which is important especially if you are in science and technology.

The best, for international students, are those where education is in English,

For graduate education, forget the university, always stick to the best advisor wherever he/she is.

It’s tough to name a single university as the top in Turkey. There are a few that stand out but generally, it depends on the area of study. Among the public schools, some stand out as the top technical schools with them being close to the top in social studies as well. In the private foundation schools, some seem to be leading as they stand out in some areas.

The key point in Turkey is that public universities lack the budget to improve the in-school experience but have been around long enough to attract a very good faculty staff. It’s tough to say the same about most private foundation schools even though some seems to have the best faculty among all universities but not in all areas of study.

“The complete public universities list” was generated by statistical processing of data collected from 12 national and international ranking systems, besides some other quantitative data and some qualitative peculiarities of 109 public universities.

Even if academic advancement level and research capacity of the universities inevitably played their important roles in calculations, it has never meant to be a product of a “pure and unbiased academic study”.

Actually, it’s intentionally “biased” to some degree, with the inclusion of obvious “non-academic yet true-to-life” experiences, in favor of international students, like you! In the end, our core objective is to exhibit those best alternatives to future international students and help them match their own best-fits. Shortly, the list must be taken as revealing of our top recommendations to you.

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