Top businesses during the corona pandemic in African countries

With the current government shutdown across African States, measures taken to prevent a high rate transmission of the virus means a breakdown in the usual business curve. As many companies wouldn’t be able to pursue their usual activities normally thus suffer a peril.

But this will also mean rise in certain sectors. In a more severe lockdown like in south African, with about 58 millions and high demand for day to day needs, the delivery sector has develop into a more rebourst sector, people need basic necessities and the underdevelop delivery sector has to step up to this challenge.

In a place like Cameroon with a lesser population of approximately 28millions and a more relax social distancing, the delivering sector has not been put to challenge yet, now the small businesses supplying basic necessities like food, toiletries, etc are stepping up to provide what is necessary for this lockdown. Therefore there’s a considerable jump in the prices as the demand surpasses the available supply.

tomato seller

Other sanitary products like the hand sanitizers are getting a new wave as these products are exploding their usual demand curve. Use the comment box to tell us the effect this pandemic is having on your local markets

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