Covid19: Ventilators made in Cameroon

Ventilators are an essential part of the covid 19 pandemic. The are used in the intensive Care unit as an artificial respiratory organ. Therefore it is important we have these in every hospital with a Covid 19 patient. The more powerful nation’s who are also the main producers of hospital gadgets like the ventilators are also in high demand for it, therefore they are requesting their enterprises to produce for  the local hospitals as such African states which are really poorer in production are force to find alternative measures of survival.

That’s why we do believe the state of Cameroon will encourage the initiative by this youth who single handedly build the first ventilator in the country. After he presented in on his Facebook page, comments of encouragement were flying in like the one from atabs nkem encouraging the government to invest in such initiative instead of buying from China and Sandrine flavie minsa added that there is no witchcraft to it, just a thought and little action. Hopefully our governments will encourage such.

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