BAD ANGELS: Monkey work Baboon chop

it’s really sad …this industry still has a lot to learn …as for me am done shooting films for free my God giving talent can not be giving to people who can’t appreciate efforts… Francois Tanko calm down ya

Tanko Francois is a Cameroonian cinematographer who gave his all to the photography of the series Bad Angels, leads a campaign accusing the producer Godwin Ngana of not paying cast and crew till date their dues for this job

Tanko Francois

Godwin Nganah, the CEO of Premier Films who produced the TV series BAD ANGEL which has been aired on CRTV, A+, RTI and AFRIWOOD with the last three being foreign television channels is yet to face Tanko on this issue.

Godwin Nganah

The project started as far back as 2013 with the casting done by the producer, the director Elvis De Daddies, cinematographers Pizarro and Francois. shooting started in 2015 with additional crew and initial cast. According to reports, the cast and crew spent close to three(3) years working in the beautiful city of Limbe. Though some actors were lodge and others had to sought things for themselves, they all manage to go through without complains until the end. During this period actors or crew who insisted on getting paid were layed off and replaced with new faces who didn’t know what the situation was as seehofer (the police commissioner) mentioned in a Facebook post. This same situation has been experience before by another set with same producer and related to CRTV as Ala Leo mentioned. Leo came out to say Godwin Nganah never paid him or other cast and crew in 2009 after the project Zintgraff and the battle of Mankon as he acted the role of The Prince of Mankon and they shot for months under very difficult conditions and till date, he hasn’t been paid.

The producer has been telling the team that CRTV has not yet paid him anything and that’s why he hasn’t paid them too. From research we may say he has been fully paid but we can’t take it for sure until he gives his own part of the story. Tanko Francois in anger stated “I did lights ,camera and set design, should actors work without pay after all the exposure? Auditions for that film was in 2013 meaning some of us have been working on this for like six years with no pay. We worked on the preproduction of that series for two years from 2013 to 2015 and the shooting proper took us 3 years in limbe, yet the man has the guts to tell us crtv has not paid yet the broadcast is going on already in French”.

From the meeting the representative of cast and crew, the producer, CRTV and the ministry of culture had. It was advice that both parties meet without the mediation of neither CRTV nor the ministry. The cast and crew promise the next step will be in court of law if nothing is done

Crtv news on the issue

The story is yet to end

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