17 years later and Mark Vivian Foe is yet to rest in peace

In the 2003 confederation cup semi final match between Cameroon and Columbia played in Lyon France, Marc Vivian Foe fell never to rise again, leaving behind a big African Family including his parents, wife and children. Tired of of waiting to be handed over the property of her late husband by her in-laws, Marie Louise Foe decides to take action by personally sealing a disputed building at Elig Esono Yaounde since Foe’s death in 2003.

On Friday the 26th of June 2020, she surprised everyone with her action as tenants are confused as to who is the true landlord to the building now. She insisted the problem had been resolved in her favour by the supreme Court since 2016 and she was patiently waiting for a transfer but as it’s not forthcoming, it’s better she acts now.

According to her in-laws, Mr Foe Amougou Martin is the right owner of the property as he acquired by 1994 before marrying Marie Louise in 1995 on a separate property regime as such she is not entitled to contest any decision of Mr Amougou as the lawyer Mr Edouard Nkoa said to the same (CRTV) media platform.

With all these going on, it’s impossible to determine if Foe soul is actually resting in peace even though he’s been a pillar for the nation of Cameroon. His great performance throughout his career home and abroad has left scars in the hearts of football lovers and we pray this dispute gets resolve soonest

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