Is traveling safe?

It’s rare to transmit in planes even though close door transmission can be explosive. Some travels left no one infected while others left as many as thirteen people so all airlines are tightening up their operations.

First: Flight schedules remain uncertain with frequent and last-minute cancellations and changes in departure dates and times

Second: Some destinations have only opened their borders to travelers from select countries where there is a low or declining number of new COVID-19 cases.

Third: Many airlines and destination countries are now requiring passengers to undergo COVID-19 testing prior to boarding a flight and to provide a variety of paperwork proving they do not have the respiratory illness

Also many airlines have stopped giving passengers reusable items such as blankets, magazines and headphones and have increased layover times and time between flights to allow for more thorough cleaning of the cabins. Most, if not all,airlines have also installed high efficiency particulate air, or HEPA, filtration systems which are better at cleaning the air than most systems used in hospital isolation rooms, Chen says. Airlines provide information about their air filtration systems on their websites.

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