The first most important and fundamental thing you need to understand is that for an agency or club it is always crucial how high your skills are and whether you are able to show these skills at a given level in a weekly match.
It doesn’t really matter what club you learned at, what country you are from, whether you are rich or poor.
Remember that professional football is primarily a business for an agency or a club, and what matters in the end is whether your skills can bring the club or agency profit!
And for you this is very good news because when you raise your skills really high, sooner or later someone will give you a chance!
We have 5 tips for you today that will help you promote yourself if your skills are enough!

If your goal is to play at a professional level, you have to start working in that direction!
I mean nothing will happen by itself, you have to start doing whatever it takes to give yourself a chance.

  • You will not become a professional by training like an amateur only three times a week, so train even twice a day.
    Of course, all in accordance with common sense so as not to destroy the body.
  • Post videos showing your skills on the internet wherever possible to promote yourself this way as well!
  • Take regular tests match to appear directly in front of people in the world of football.
    Don’t look for excuses that you don’t have money, because if you show high skills and persistence by adding videos to the portal, we are able to finance these tests! 2) Always be ready for a chance!
    That is why we encourage you to train every day without exception, because you never know when your chance may appear.
    Make daily training and improvement of your skills an obsession and when you are ready your chance will come! 3) Create the best individual stats possible!
    There is something in every position for which the player is responsible and the coach demands.

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