Volunteer coaches needed in buea

Volunteer Coaches Needed For a year-round Regional football league.

Have you always wanted to coach football. We are looking for energetic and enthusiastic volunteer coaches who are interested in teaching sports. They should be positive, enthusiastic, supportive, trustworthy, and dedicated individuals interested in making a positive impact on the team. They must be 25 years or older.

Our goal is to create a positive environment that promotes self confidence and self esteem through programs we provide to our communities.

The program is dedicated to providing all youth with the highest quality of recreation and football experiences. Teach the fundamentals of good sportsmanship and have fun at the same time.

you can qualify for
Volunteer Coaching
If you played sports in high school or any amateur or professional football experience Or, maybe you have a passion for them! We’re looking for enthusiastic people who want to help out – sharing their talents assisting and leading various activities. Even if you have never played or coached a sport before, you can still become a certified coach through this program.

If you are interested in serving as a volunteer coach, please contact us at +237672922882. All potential volunteers must be residing in buea.

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